Conference app for the UK’s Conservative Party leaked attendee data

This weekend, members of the UK’s Conservative Party kicked off their annual conference in Birmingham, using the event to highlight their plans and priorities for the coming year. This year’s event had a rocky start: its official app allowed users to access personal contact information of other attendees, without a password. According to the BBC, […]

Elon Musk settles with the SEC and agrees to pay $20 million fine and step down as company chairman – BGR

The lawsuit involving Elon Musk and the SEC has come to a swift and somewhat unceremonious end. Amid speculation that Musk might potentially have to leave Tesla altogether, the SEC earlier today revealed they have reached a settlement agreement with Musk. As for the specific terms of the deal, Musk agreed to pay a $20 million fine […]

Amidst Musk scandal, Tesla likely to meet Model 3 production goal for the quarter – BGR

It’s an interesting time for Tesla, to say the least. At the same time that Elon Musk finds himself the target of an SEC securities fraud lawsuit, the electric automaker appears to be ramping up Model 3 production in a major way. If you recall, early Model 3 production fell far short of Tesla’s projections […]

New Wear OS update rolling out from Google tries to make smartwatches feel brand new – BGR

Google is picking up mostly good reviews today for the Wear OS update that’s started rolling out to smartwatches, which as we reported a few weeks ago is a refresh focused on simplifying the interactions, giving you easier access to the information you need. Generally making the watch feel almost brand new. You can also […]

The innovative RED Hydrogen phone is delayed even more – BGR

The past 12 months haven’t been particularly exciting in the world of smartphones. Sure, “the notch” has become a standard feature on most devices, but with the excitement of all-screen devices fading quickly, this year’s phones have been all about refinement. The iPhone XS and XS Max are undoubtedly fantastic, but they’re evolutionary improvements on […]

ITC rules against Qualcomm and advises against iPhone import ban – BGR

Despite Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf saying that he’d be open to settling his company’s ongoing legal dispute with Apple, there’s no indication that the two tech giants will reach a settlement deal anytime soon. If anything, the legal friction between the two companies appears to be intensifying, with Qualcomm this week accusing Apple of stealing […]

Google reportedly pays Apple $9 billion/year to remain the iPhone’s default search engine – BGR

When Apple first introduced the iPhone, the decision to use Google as the default search engine on mobile Safari was essentially a no-brainer. After all, Google was unquestionably the dominant search engine at the time and Microsoft’s Bing wouldn’t even arrive on the scene until June of 2009. Despite increased competition with respect to search […]

MoviePass is now forcing former users to opt out of new plan or risk being charged

The latest attempt from struggling theater subscription service MoviePass to retain its dwindling user base comes in the form of yet another change to its monthly plan. This time, however, the company is automatically enrolling lapsed former subscribers into its service, saying its choosing those users to be part of a “select test group” to […]

New technology might make the front-facing iPhone camera invisible – BGR

The iPhone X imposed the notch as a must-have design feature, as almost every Android device maker that matters copied it this year. Samsung is has been both a surprising and refreshing hold out. But just because we’ve accepted and embraced the notch doesn’t make it any better looking than last year. It’s still a […]

Spotify kills test that required family plan users to share GPS location – BGR

Subscribing for Spotify Premium for Family with your friends sound like a genius move, but it’s also something the music streaming giant doesn’t appreciate. To prevent groups of friends from masquerading as families, Spotify is willing to pull some unusual moves, including asking you to confirm your home address by sending Spotify your location. As […]

Red delays Hydrogen One phone again, pledges to give buyers a free aluminum version

There are more problems for camera maker Red’s first smartphone, the Hydrogen One. Company founder Jim Jannard posted today that the titanium version of the phone is delayed. The aluminum version still appears to be on track for an October release date. Jannard blames supply chain issues for the delay and the fact that the […]

Facebook hacker stole login information for 50 million accounts

This morning, Facebook disclosed a widespread security flaw that could have allowed hackers or other malicious third parties to access an affected user’s account by gleaning their security token. The flaw affected as many as 50 million people, and Facebook says it’s forcibly making around 90 million users log back into their accounts in full […]